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Mayer, C. (2024). Reviewing the Legality and Procedures for EMS Buprenorphine Initiation Following

         Overdose Response in the District of Columbia. [In Review]. Addiction Policy and Practice Georgetown University.

Mayer et al. (2024). Proposing Revision of DC Code § 16-230 to Exclude Medication Assisted Treatment in Child Abuse

          Reports. [In Review]. Georgetown University Public Policy Challenge.

Mayer et al. (2024). Proposing a Mobile Women’s Care Clinic to the D.C. Opioid Abatement Board. [In Review]. 

          Georgetown University Public Policy Challenge.

Mayer, C. (2024). Proposing a Mobile Methadone Clinic for the Central Detention Facility in Washington, DC.  [In Review].

           Addiction Policy and Practice Georgetown University.

Mayer, C. (2024). "ONDCP Launches New Recovery Ready Workplace Toolkit” [Comment]. Center for Disease Control and

           Prevention. LINK

Mayer, C., (2023). Protecting Pregnant Women with Substance Use Disorder: The Need for Evidence-Based Privacy Laws.

           O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. LINK

Mayer, C., (2023). Protecting Women with SUD: The Need for Privacy. [Presentation]. Addiction Policy and Practice

           Georgetown University.  LINK

Mayer, C. (2023). Psychedelic Drugs: Considerations for Clinical Investigations; Guidance for Industry; Draft Guidance.

           [Comment on a draft guidance]. U.S. Food and Drug Administration. LINK

Mayer, C. (2023). Reviewing an Exemplar Housing First Non-Profit. [Presentation]. Addiction Policy and Practice

         Georgetown University.

Mayer, C., LeBaron, V., & Acquaviva, K. (2021). Exploring the use of psilocybin therapy for existential distress: A qualitative

          study of palliative care provider perceptions. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 54(1), 81-92. LINK



Bioethics - PHIL 2001-01, Georgetown University 

  • Mayer, C. (2024). Addiction Medicine Ethics I. [Seminar]. LINK

  • Mayer, C. (2024). Psychedelic Ethics, Science and Theory. [Lecture]. LINK


Pediatric Ethics - MHUM 2220-01, Georgetown University

  • Mayer, C. (2024). Addiction Medicine in Pregnancy and Neonatal Care. [Lecture].


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